Immersive Museum Experiences

For MOCA Hangzhou, we created a world that gave visitors a glimpse of the future while paying homage to the architecture of the past. Our moving walkway design immerses visitors in a popular [...]

Interactive Media Façades

This interactive building façade on the NMAJH responds to its surroundings. Every car that drives past the building triggers animations (water ripples shown). The façade also informs passersby of [...]

Brand Activations

We have worked on brand activations for large venues by crafting augmented reality experiences to be displayed on large billboards. We created a product that applies fun masks to event [...]

Theme Park Experiences

This large-scale, multi-participant interactive 3D game with live animations accommodated six interactive stations in one room. 20-30 people were engaged in the attraction at any given time. [...]

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