Projection Mapping


International Architecture Firm


New York City, New York, USA


Sensing Places Interactive created the concept for an interactive table with a model of a newly built residential building and tokens that would change the projection based on the position and direction.

Case Study

We produced a concept for an interactive table that included the model of a new residential building, designed by an international architect, and the surrounding structures and streets. On the table were multiple small, human shaped tokens that could be moved around the table. When one of the tokens was placed, the screen behind the table showed a view of the building from the perspective of the token, as if it were a person.

Six projectors above the model texture streets and buildings. A dynamic people traffic simulation created using gaming technology animates the high-line. Participants interact by placing virtual obstacles and regulating traffic with their hands or other available objects. The playfulness of the experience invites participants to engage with the content and be emotionally impacted by the interactive presentation.

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