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Large theme park




Sensing Places Interactive contributed custom software development for two interactive experiences: Color Our World and Color Mix and Match. We also provided real-time networking code to interface with the magic brushes and show controls.

Case Study

Our engineering team developed the core rendering and animation software, the networking code to interface with the digital brushes, show control simulation, and integration of the media assets and animations.

Our software was responsible for real-time paint processing and rendering within the character’s outline, auto-fill, animation triggering, audio playback, interfacing with show controls, relaying brush positions into the game (from a third party brush data interpretation system), changing colors on the buckets, and storing/forwarding the finished canvas for other web services to access.

Sensing Places developed custom software using a commercial rendering engine to create the interactive installation according to the client’s creative specifications. We placed dedicated effort to create a workflow that would allow for fast real-time rendering of the game assets while ensuring animators could continue to work with their preferred toolset. Early in the development process, we interfaced with the client’s maintenance department to understand their requirements and constraints.

The exhibit runs daily in the theme park and is used by hundreds of people, both children and adults.

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