Interactive Media Façades




Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


Sensing Places Interactive contributed design and prototyping of an interactive building façade. Our team created the concept, sketches, 3D renders and 3D animations of the media façade. We also produced a scaled working prototype of the computer vision based car tracking software module and synchronised media façade animation player and content for the project stakeholders.

Case Study

The museum had just commissioned a new $300M building and wanted to leverage its prominent position in the city center, along a major avenue, facing a park, to display a dynamic façade that reacts to both passersby and cars.

Sensing Places Interactive designed various responsive scenarios and themes for the interactive façade, both at the ground level and on the upper floors.

Through sensors, cameras and computer vision, a custom array of LEDs, embedded with the glass tiles of building façade, displays visual effects that echo activity inside and outside the museum. The façade functions like human skin, reflecting emotions through its color and texture while externally reacting to surrounding events and atmospheric conditions. At night, cars passing by act like pebbles thrown into water or wind agitating tree leaves, creating dynamic effects that animate the building and give it a unique, signature appearance in the city.

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