Kahn’s Unbuilt Ruins and MoMA Unprivate House Exhibit




New York City, New York, USA


Sensing Places Interactive contributed an interactive table with mini models of buildings with RFID sensors that connected to projectors to show the angle that the patron suggested, concepts used in final exhibit design/installation.

Case Study

We created an interactive table that featured 3D printed models of buildings and photo-realistic renders of the unbuilt works of influential American architect Louis Kahn. We used RFID tags and a reader placed under the table to show the floor plans of the various buildings in correspondence of each physical model. Visitors moved a physical

cursor on the table to select hot-spots and explore perspective renders of the locations on the surround projections. The experience helped people appreciate the unbuilt work of Louis Kahn, and easily associate floorplans to perspective views. MoMA used our design for their Unprivate House exhibit curated by Terry Riley.

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