Integrated Services

That blend art and technology

We get a thrill turning complex problems into managed systems

Our deep engineering culture and hands-on approach allows us to deliver world-first innovations to our projects. We combine art and science with technology to find solutions to the world’s biggest experiential and interactive design challenges.


Continuous innovation for radically successful projects

We apply a Lean Startup approach to deliver measurable ROI on innovative projects. Powered by design logic and effective business strategies, we de-risk projects with a creative and scientific approach centered on rapid iterations of build-measure-learn cycles.

We leverage our knowledge of markets and trends complimented by customer research to drive the innovation process.


Technology-supported concepts and experiential design

Our creative process draws inspiration from the imaginary worlds of modern cinema, theatrical set design of the avant-garde, and contemporary futuristic opera sets. While we set our imagination free to invent and discover, our designs are supported by the concrete understanding of what technology is capable of.

We build the fabric of dreams with rapid prototyping and a creative process called Visioneering.


Mastering the craft

Sensing Places turns imagination into reality with custom software and integrated technologies. We deliver exact concepts and designs created for a project so nothing is lost in translation from design to engineering.

From machine learning and recommender systems, to augmented reality, web-based applications, and sensor-based installations: we take pride in our MIT DNA and ability to execute and deliver even the most complex designs.

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