Showrooms for Brands




Milan, Italy


Sensing Places Interactive contributed the concept for a 10,000 sqf business showroom, custom software development of eight interactive installations, and a dedicated digital signage control system with integrated visitor management.

Case Study

Vodafone Italia wanted to introduce its business customers to a new suite of enterprise products and services. Knowing the traditional TV and print advertising route would confuse their consumer market, they needed another option.

Their marketing department planned to create an invitation-only Customer Experience Center at their Milan headquarters. To turn this idea into a success, they needed an agency that could create an experiential customer journey for their four main customer markets – media, business, consumer, and corporate. The experience needed to clearly communicate and educate their customers on their product and services advantages, as well as gain feedback for product development.

Vodafone trained its tour guides to use the new technology and accompany small groups of 10 – 15 people through the experience. The custom software we created for them enabled their ideal workflow, from tour preparation to walkthrough, allowing them to quickly reconfigure content on all displays according to the visitor group’s needs.

Vodafone selected Sensing Places Interactive to bring the project to fruition, from concept to design, to software development, and installation. We started with an experiential marketing plan for the dedicated 10,000 square feet showroom, followed by a technical master plan, AV integration guidelines for the local integrator and custom software development of the eight media installations. The educational customer journey we built was articulated through various room in which the tour guides managed and controlled all media on display with a dedicated UI and software we designed, running on a mobile tablet.

A focal point of the space was a large multi-touch interactive table that enabled visitors to collaboratively explore product requirements. Visitors could use it to draw, annotate documents, and watch reference videos. Gigantic phones and tablets were displayed to illustrate Vodafone’s line of mobile applications on large interactive surfaces easily visible by groups of visitors.

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