Build your product, website, or mobile application.
On earth or in the cloud.

Products We’ve Built

Display Solutions

Get the tools you need to easily build and display content in
your museum, retail space, conference room, or company.

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Retail Solutions

Add interactive customer experiences to your retail store
to increase engagement and build loyalty.

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Display your digital media on any screen, at any time

Remote Login

Access media management technology from any device

Playlist Control

Create and manage digital media playlists.

Multiple Media Support

Display videos, images, pdfs, YouTube clips, and slides.

Seamless Display

Play content on any integrated screens instantly.

Beam any window from your laptop
to the big screen in seconds

Present in a team

Instantly switch between presenters with the click of a button.

Share videos

Play videos directly from your laptop on to the presentation screen.

Choose what you show

Display only selected windows or your entire desktop.

Reduce wait times and increase average order value
with an interactive digital catalog

Personalized Experience

Personalize the customer shopping experience by offering relevant recommendations.

Easy Checkout

Offer instant check out with a sales staff member through mobile point-of-sale technology.

Collect Metrics

Collect customer’s purchasing and behavioral data to generate more relevant content.