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Related Companies


New York, New York, USA


Related Companies is a New York City-based real estate development firm founded in 1972. Since its founding, the company has specialized in both luxury and affordable housing, commercial real estate development, and mixed-use development. Sensing Places contributed the experience design, mockups and visualizations for this project.

Case Study

We created a concept for an interactive art show in the display windows of the Abington House residential building, which, at the time, was under construction. These lower windows offer great opportunities for communication and branding as the retail areas are typically underutilized until opening. Artists submit their work via a dedicated web portal. Curators select the most promising work by local artists and the public votes for their favorites via a branded mobile application.

Through the app, the public is able to recommend new artists and request favorite artists to occupy more than one available display area. The experience offers opportunities for engagement with the local neighborhood before the opening of the residential building. It amplifies both social and financial impact: locals discover new artists while the construction company elevates its image via art and the promotion of socially impactful initiatives.

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