Connecting people, devices, and spaces

We provide the strategy, design, and technology
for compelling immersive experiences

We bring challenging creative technology projects to life

Sensing Places is a full-stack creative technology agency that creates innovative
concepts and software solutions for brands, retail spaces, theme parks, and museums.

As a visionary MIT Media Lab spin-off, Sensing Places has been leading immersive
interaction techniques and content trends for the past two decades.


Featured Work





Complex projects start with a technology infrastructure that is simple to use and lays the groundwork for growth.

We create technology platforms and product solutions that tackle many problems for our clients in
collaboration spaces, digital signage, and retail.

Beam Conference


Touch ‘n Buy

The smarter way to share your screen during meetings

Use Beam to instantly display any window from your laptop to a large display. Its wireless connection and DIY installation make Beam the smarter choice for coworking spaces, small businesses, and event buildings.

Display your content on any screen, at any time

Presentize is the first all-in-one digital signage solution that allows you to easily manage, collaborate, and play your digital media. Our hand crafted technology is changing the way businesses manage and play their content.

Reduce wait times and increase customer value

Touch n’ Buy is an interactive digital catalog that allows customers to browse inventory, request assistance, and complete transactions all on a touch screen.