Adding Efficiency to Airport Traffic




New York City, New York, USA


Sensing Places Interactive contributed interactive installations, concepts, technical master planning, sensing, and computer vision.

Case Study

Gensler consulted Sensing Places Interactive to guide the placement of several digital displays along the JetBlue curbside. Our task was to design and deliver a technical solution to regulate the flow of passenger departure traffic.

Sensing Places Interactive developed visual technologies to indicate available spaces for approaching, parked, and departing vehicles. Green, red, and yellow colors, together with consecutive numbering, identified curb sections. The plan allows for cars to easily self regulate and find accessible areas of the airport in a timely manner.

Sensing Places Interactive selected computer vision over other wireless technologies to detect cars approaching to the curb, stationing at the curb and leaving an available spot.

In advance of the final product, we created multiple real world simulations to test our solution using gaming technology.

We also explored various wayfinding solutions within the terminal, including dynamic floor projections and a mobile application.

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