Touch n’ Buy launches at Digital Signage Expo 2016

New interactive retail solution Touch n’ Buy launches at recent Digital Signage Expo

Last week we unveiled our new interactive retail solution Touch n’ Buy, at Digital Signage Expo. The new technology was showcased at the rp Visuals booth on dnp’s new interactive 100” LaserPanel display.

Touch n’ Buy works as an interactive digital catalog that integrates touch screens and attractive visual catalogs with mobile points-of-sale. The digital catalog allows customers to browse inventory on a touch screen, add items to their shopping cart, then press a button for a sales staff member to complete the transaction or answer any questions. A cross between online shopping and sales registers, Touch n’ Buy eliminates waiting in line by providing easy and instant checkout with its integrated mobile point-of-sale technology. Also available as a self-serve kiosk, Touch n’ Buy can be customized to suit each vendor’s individual needs.

“I’m excited we were able to showcase Touch n’ Buy at this year’s Digital Signage Expo. This powerful new marketing tool allows retailers to better engage their customers and process orders quicker.” said Flavia Sparacino, CEO of Sensing Places. “We believe this interactive catalog technology will increase the number of items purchased per customer and increase average value per customer by at least 40%, while decreasing wait times.”

In a market set to be valued at over $39 billion and hold a 21 percent market share by 2022, according to a Grand View Research study, the benefits of digital catalogs and self-serve technology go beyond reducing wait times. They create a more personalized experience for brick-and-mortar shoppers, encourage impulse purchases, and increase the average order price through customizations and upsell. Self-serve technology ultimately provides businesses with a fast and convenient way to receive transactions, metrics, purchasing behavior, and build customer loyalty.

Customers are looking for more personalized, relevant, and immersive shopping experiences
with retailers and brands they love. Self-serve technology is able to deliver the customer the fast, personalized, and intuitive way to to connect with these brands.

The Digital Signage Expo took place the Las Vegas Convention Center during March 16 – 17, 2016.


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