FX Luxury Group wanted to create a highly personalized space where guests felt their individual needs were addressed. Everything in the space, from the decor to the services and activities provided, needed to remind people of Elvis and his approach to life. Elvis loved technology, and was one of the first people to install a phone in his Cadillac. Therefore, interactive technology and personalization technologies were among the main requirements for designing the space.

Sensing Places was tasked by FX Luxury Group to imagine a highly experiential hospitality space in which people would immerse themselves in a lifestyle similar to how Elvis would live today, if he were alive. We studied Elvis’ biographies and documentaries to understand his main life values, then created a range of activities for hotel guests. We then defined the areas of the hotel according to these important elements of Elvis’ life which included: friends, cars, women, music, fashion, sensuality, and playfulness. We created associations between these themes and functional requirements for the various areas of the hotel. To create a more personalized experience for visitors, we designed a mobile application that was able to understand their preferences from service requests to the hotel to their location. We then used machine learning to predict and satisfy the guests’ needs. The overall experience was to make hotel guests feel like the King!

The concept booklet we delivered, included sketches and designs which outline spaces that respond to the visitors presence, motion, and usage in order to cater appropriate services to individuals based on their preferences and habits. These tastefully designed experiences – remarkable, engaging, memorable – were created to give guests a clear feeling that their own needs, desires and dreams have been fulfilled and even anticipated at the E-Hotel in Las Vegas.

FX Luxury Group

Category: Design

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