Digital Media Player


Playlist Control

Upload and manage content into playlists then allocate to groups and displays.

Multi-file support

Upload and display videos, images, PDFs, Powerpoints, and documents.

Tablet control

Control, organize, and play content at any time using a tablet or mobile device.

Our digital media players are ideal for immersive spaces and interactive showrooms that want to creatively unveil new products, highlight key features, or provide information and images that attract and engage visitors.

The tablet controlled digital media player uses cloud-based, back-end server software to allow easy content management and control of all displays. This allows you to easily manage and play any content, on any screen. Our digital media interface and functionality can also be extended to store, manage, and collaborate content.

Vodafone Case Study

Vodafone’s 10,000 square feet Experience Center in their Milan headquarters was designed by Sensing Places for customer groups to be taken on a guided journey via a staff member. Their staff needed a simple and quick way to load any content, on any screen. The content they had to display included videos, images, PDF’s, documents, and PowerPoint.

Sensing Places built a personalized digital media player and user interface (UI) that offered the staff complete control of all the screens in the space and the freedom to change their content at any moment to suit the tour’s requirements. Vodafone staff could program tour content into playlists ahead of time, or show relevant content on the fly from a collection.

The main digital media player features include:

1. Tour Definitions. Each customer segment was split into a tour group which was allocated it’s own playlist and monitor flow. Names and emails of the visitors could also be added.

2. Timer. The digital media interface has a timer controlled by Start-Pause buttons and Stop-Reset buttons so staff can keep an eye on the duration of a tour with a group of visitors.

3. On-the-fly content. Staff were also able to interrupt the content playing in a set playlist to instantly show any other content stored in the system based on a spontaneous visitor question or to illustrate a new topic of conversation.

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