Custom Visitor Apps



Provide map, room, and other explorational information of your space to allow easy navigation.

Digital Note-taking

Increase visitor interaction by providing an app to take notes with digital ink and add photos of products or displays.

Easy Follow-up

Follow-up with your visitors in a streamline way by using an app to send communication and files based on their needs and the custom experience they had at your location.

Whether you are a museum, retail space, or large brand Sensing Places can build an interactive experience for your visitors through developing customized apps relevant to your needs.

Use beacon and location-based technology to manage the visitor experience from the beginning to end. Provide your visitor with the option to take digital notes of how your product or service can influence their life. Then easily follow up with relevant information after their visit.

Vodafone Case Study

Vodafone wanted to take their customers on an experiential journey throughout their 10,000 square feet Customer Experience Center. While being led on a tour by a Vodafone staff member, the visitors also had an opportunity to follow the navigation and participate via a tablet.

Sensing Places built four customized software apps and UI’s for visitor usage. After handing over their bag and coat, each visitor received their own tablet device loaded with customized apps.

1. Welcome App with Map. Visitors can use this app while waiting for their tour to start to get an introduction of the Vodafone Business experience they are about to have. The app includes a map with an interactive menu that describes the various rooms, their functions, and includes images and video.

2. Digital Notes. This app allows visitors to take notes with their finger or a stylus using digital ink. They can also take photos then insert them into the canvas along with the notes. At the end of the tour the notes are emailed to them.

3. App Control Center. This app allows staff tour leaders to activate and deactivate apps throughout the tour, so only relevant apps are displayed and visitors don’t need to search to find what they need.

4. Follow-Up. At the end the staff tour guide can send a follow-up email to visitors through the application. The email can include a link to a zip file containing copies of relevant documents.

Welcome App with Map

App Control Center

Digital Note-taking

Technical Specifications

Supported Devices

  • PC, MAC, Android, iPhone, and Ipad.
  • Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.
  • PDF’s

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