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The challenge of getting content on the screen goes beyond digital signage in large spaces, it also applies to conference rooms. Currently expensive large-scale solutions exist, while there is a gap in the market for a low-cost and easy to set-up solution. Coworking spaces, start-ups, small businesses, and meeting room spaces are all looking for easy, low-cost solution to display content on a larger screen.

Using Google Chrome technology, Sensing Places Interactive has created BEAM, a subscription-based SaaS product for meetings that allows you to instantly and wirelessly display any window from your laptop onto a large display. Built for easy set-up there is no need to hire outside IT help. BEAM is wirefree, requires no large downloads and works both PC and Mac platforms.

Initially starting out in the coworking space market, Beam is a commercial product available to any businesses that want a low-cost solution for their meeting needs.


Easy Set-up

Connect the supplied hardware to your conference display then use Google Chrome to wirelessly share your screen.


Take turns easily switching between presenters and displaying each others screens.

Secure Platform

Safely share your content only with who you want to see it by using passwords on our secure platform.

Control Shared Content

Avoid embarrassing pop-ups. Choose to share your entire screen or just a window.

Video Display

Play videos directly from your laptop onto the presentation screen.

Cross Campus Case Study

Cross Campus is a coworking space, tech hub & event venue in Los Angeles. Like an incubator and accelerator, they help entrepreneurs and startups succeed. They currently have offices in Santa Monica and Pasadena, with Downtown Los Angeles and South Bay opening up by mid 2016.

As a coworking and office space with multiple conference rooms at each location it was important for them to find a low-cost solution for their members that didn’t require continual IT assistance to use. Beam was installed on five large displays in four of their conference rooms at their Santa Monica location. After seeing success with their members using Beam for meetings on a daily basis, and a reduction in asking for IT assistance they are installing Beam in all the conference rooms at the rest of their locations.

There are three simple steps to get started:

1. Integrate
Attach the hardware device to your conference room display.

2. Connect
Using the Google Chrome browser, connect your laptop to Beam by navigating to
Enter the username and password shown on the conference room display.

3. Play
Choose to display your whole screen or pick a window.

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