Even with all the comfort and technological sophistication, cars still lack the basic perceptual abilities, orientation, people, and scene understanding capabilities. Chrysler wanted to create a next generation car by taking technology and innovation to a level that had not previously existed.

A next generation car is an intelligent car that uses machine learning to know it’s owner, become aware of its surroundings and create a network to other intelligent objects. Chrysler was looking for innovators that could create multiple scenarios of how technology can be applied to a next generation car.

Sensing Places strategists, designers, and engineers combined their skills to stimulate a few scenarios of how a next generation car can learn the lifestyle, anticipate the needs, and efficiently help complete tasks for its driver.

1. Mobile integration intelligence
Our concept included docking a smart phone to a next generation car creates a powerful and interconnected data exchange between the two devices. This empowers the car to provide dialogue, useful suggestions, and be sensitive to our needs. The GPS can optimize routes of errands and meetings and trigger actions when programmed locations are passed.

2. Intelligence and awareness
The next generation car has a deep level of awareness. It can detect the presence and movement of other cars and people around it, activity of people inside it, and understand this information in context. This is achieved by a combination of proximity, distance, and velocity sensors, and very low resolution cameras modules to anticipate dangers and opportunities.

3. Networked learning
Leveraging the networked digital infrastructure around us allows the next generation car to learn from and communicate with its owner. Smart devices and other communicating objects become able to exchange information about the owner and their habits.


Category: Strategy

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